Minggu, 05 September 2010

nggak's hidden temple, omake 1

This day is just like any other day.
I take a sip of my drink
I read a bit of some info

I look at my monitor
And look at the empty screen
Awaits my imagination
Awaits my creation

So I write my creation
So I write my imagination
Thoughts of dreams and hope
Thoughts of happiness and joy
All flows into the screen
As I type to endless possibilities

Then she appeared
Extravagantly and elegantly
Alluring and astonishing
A girl with an unmeasureable beauty

“Such beauty, why are you here?”
“What would you want from me?”
“I only have my words”
“I only have my dreams”

“You know why I'm here”
“You know what I want”
“So why don't we have it now?”
“So why don't we hesitate?”

“Ah, yes...why should we hesitate?”
“Why should we wait?”
“Let's have it now”
“Let's have it here”

And she blew a PUNCH to my cheeks
And another KICK to my lips
I am engulfed in her GERMAN SUPLEX
and I can feel her hand, CHOKESLAMMING me

“We have went this far”
“We have went very far”
“So shall we went even further?”
“It would be very delicious I promise♥ “


“それが分かったら、あたしのかっこいシーンを書けるくださいね♥ ”



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