Senin, 22 Juni 2009

The Fish Who Kept Growing

There once was a boy who longs for a pet goldfish. He tried this and that, here and there, but he never make he parents agree. He tried so hard, he never gave up.

One day, he found 10$ on the street. He said to himself, “This is must be my lucky day! I’m going to buy a goldfish with this money.”

And so he found a shady store, filled with things in much galore. He asked the counter to buy a fish, and the man on the counter said, “Here’s a fish. Don’t give him too much food, or you’ll end up in big trouble.”

But the boy was so happy; he forgot the man’s words. He gave the fish too much to eat, about as heavy as a giant meat.

The next day, something bizarre happened. The Fish grew up so big and quick. Bigger than the bowl, bigger than a cat. The boy panicked. He rushed to the garden and took a big flower pot. He put his fish into the flower pot.

But the next day, the same thing happened. The fish is now bigger than the pot. Bigger, bigger, and bigger. The boy was shocked. He bought his fish into the kitchen and tried every single pot to fit his fish. But there is no pot that fit!

Depressed and distressed, he went upstairs to the bathroom. He put his fish in the bathtub, and filled it with water. But the fish now quickly grew! By now, the fish was bigger than a dog, even bigger than a man! The boy screamed in confusion.

It was then that the man who sold the fish arrived. “I knew it would be like this,” he said. So he did every kind of rolls to the fish. Front roll, backwards roll, duckroll, Rickroll, Bel-Air roll. And then the lights went out. BLIP! In about 10 seconds later, the lights went on again. BLIP!

And do you know what happened? The man was gone and the fish was back to a tiny fish that can fit into a fishbowl. The boy then promised never to overfeed the fish again.

The Tale of Two Kids

One day I saw two kids
One building a car
One building a plane

They both argued
One said the other can't fly
One said the other can't run
Yells ensued

They went separate ways
They went away from each other
Each pursued their own path
Each pursued their own desires

Work Work Work
Fix Fix Fix
Build Build Build
"Do not care to the other"
They both grunted

They both finished
They both succeed
They're proud of their own selves
They're ready to test their own selves

But what did I saw, what did I see?
The plane crashed into a tree
But what did I saw, what did I see?
The car rammed into a bar

Both cried, both yelled
Both screamed in depression
They've lost their pride
They've lost their work

They cried and ran
They ran far away
They ran without directions
They ran without goal

Yet they stare at the hills
Yet they went at the hills
Hoping to meet each other
Hoping to see each other

And so it happened
They met each other at the hills
And so it happened
They met each other in tears

But finally, what did I see?
They shook each others hands with free
But finally, what did I see?
They laughed at each other with free

As they went to the setting sun
I could saw happiness in their eyes
I could saw smile in their faces
For they have each other
As friends

EDEN -side WHiTE-

Is this the end?
The end of the time?
The end of the chance? it over?

There are a lot that I've spoken
Words had been spoken
Questions had been questioned
Promises had been made

I want to believe
That there's still hope
I want to trust
That I can still go to you

Sometimes you torn my heart
Sometimes you hurt my heart
But your smile had given me strength
But your smile had given me hope

I don't want to stop now
This isn't the end
This isn't the finish

I will hold to that hope
I will stand on my gorund
I'll reach to your heart
I'll reach to your love wonderful would it be...
To live a happy life with you delightful would it be...
To share my love with you

This love that you've ignored
I will raise it in my heart
I will keep it as my hope
To get closer to your love

Tonight, there will be hope
Tonight, there will be chance
And all because of one thing
A thing called Love

EDEN -side RED-

So this is the end...
The end of the time
The end of the chance over

I had spoken too much
I had spoken too much words
I had spoken too much lies
I had spoke too much questions

I want to believe
But you've misled me
I want to trust
But you've misjudged me

My heart is bleeding
My heart felt the pain
Yet you don't seem to care
Yet you don't want to know

But now, it will stop
It will end
It will be gone

I'm through with this game
I'm sick of being the fool
I'll end this now
I'll end it with blood wonderful would it be...
To slice my sword to your knee delightful would it be...
To slit your throat with free

This love that you've thrown away
Will rip your heart and bones
Will crush your brain and soul
It would be pleasant isn't it?

Tonight, there will be bloodshed
Tonight, there will be despair
And all because of one thing
A thing called "Love"