Kamis, 18 September 2008

Breaking the Rotation

I’m all alone

Sitting in a bench

Watching as the children

Played a pinwheel game

They played, and they played

Spins and spins

Doing the same rotation

Again, and again

I too played my own pinwheel

Spins and spins

Doing the same rotation

Again, and again

I’m safe in my wheel

I feel Comfort in my wheel

But, something…..

Deep inside my heart

Says no

I’m a seeker of freedom

I hunger for freedom

But…, I don’t know why

I have to go

There is something…

Something that I seek

Something that I want

Even though I don’t know

Is it really what I want…?

Time turns and Tides shifted

Deep inside my soul….

There is someone I seek

Even if I don’t know it is good for me or not……

I will keep seeking that person

Because to make her happy

Is my happiness too

So I will move from my wheel

I’ll break free from the pins

And sang my prayer to God

To face a new journey

Lies up ahead

I’m coming my friend

I hope you will be there


By : Joy

Well, this poem is actually quite old, 27 March 2007 is the production date of this poem...

But it was currently sitting nicely in my computer, so I'll just post it here

Rabu, 17 September 2008


Oh Hi! Welcome to my blog!

As you may notice, Nggak is making a blog, and that's a rare case to find

I won't be pretty rare soon enough because Nggak seems to be OL very much on the net and he is bored

Plus he wants to show you some poetry, and hopefully not a bad one

Enjoy your stay!


Sekarang pake bahasa Indonesia

Saat anda melihat blog ini, mungkin yang ada di pikiran anda, hmm, Nggak bikin blog? Preposterous! Apa yang bisa diisi?

Well, blog ini sekdar tempat untuk saya berbagi puisi-puisi karya saya dan juga beberapa cerita yang mungkin saya buat

so, enjoy the ride

and let's dive into the Dreamy skies