Minggu, 05 September 2010

nggak's hidden temple, chapter 4

You endured the dragging for quite a while. 15 seconds? 15 minutes? 15 hours? You are not quite sure for yourself. All you know is that if you run into a wall you will die. The fact that the song "Always" is echoing in the room is also not helping. The fact that you're being dragged is even more unhelpful because as you know it, tsunderes tend to slam guys into the wall at the most appropriate timing. And there's also the fact that you don't know whether this girl has a dere part or not, she could be a Tsuntsun, without any dere, even though you know that characters like Shiina Mi****u is not that popular. And you hope that you don't mix her name up with her sister's name again.

And that applies to the Robot Unicorn as well. For a moment you think about which part applies to that running thing but now you remembered it's about walls, and no, not the Facebook counterpart of that.

Fortunately for you, he's in the front, so he ran into the wall first. Its head flew off, and then it stopped. Angeline then stopped too, and nearly threw you into the wall, but you yelled "TODDLERGURO!!". She then exclaims "WHAT THE FUCK, don't speak of that forbidden word you faggot!"

You felt a slight relief, and an expected kick to your face.

You then examined the surroundings. It's a very dark room, you can't look at the surroundings pretty clearly. You can, however, identify the large gate-like structure that the Unicorn crashed into. A voice is then heard


At first, you thought it was a name of a certain game but you quickly realized it's Bahasa Indonesia. You then pull out your note, and quickly flip over the pages of it. The sound repeats itself


you replied, "Buka Pintu!"

the sound then said, "Siapa ini? Bicara sekarang."

you checked your note and then you replied, "Sialan lu! Cepetan buka pintu!"

"Ah! TAI!", you added.

As opposed to the gate opening, the sound vanished instead. You kinda hear a chuckle somewhere far but that's probably just your imagination, like last time where you hear a song...ok, let's forget about that for a moment.

Angeline then slapped you in your face and then said, "Who the fuck do you think you are!? Nathan Drake?"

"Although that game is kinda awkward too, I mean, why the heck there are Indonesians in the Amazon? That's just doesn't compute. It's not like they would find Amazoness Kunrensei in there anyway."

author's note: Kurensei already had some ru--SHUT UP OR I'LL DRAG YOU ON A MOTORCYCLE YOU LAZY AUTHOR!

As you wonder who is Angeline talking to, you collect yourself and said

"You hit me TWICE! My old man never hit me!"

Angeline can then only facepalm herself to your response. You then thought to yourself that the next time she tries to hit you in a negative way, you can try to become "that certain pilot of a certain mecha who said that his mecha is not for the show although the show is based on his mecha" and avoid lethal injuries, just as long as you don't end up in a mudhole

"Look," Angline said, "We can just use this door in front of us."

Angeline then pointed at something in front of us, which is a door, a wooden door. She then walk up to it and opened it with ease; it's not locked nor trapped in any means possible. You facepalm'd to yourself.

"Now, are you going to just stand there and stare to my assets or will you follow me? Beacuse if you do the first, I should turn you gay first, and you don't want to know how I'll be able to do that."

You think for a moment but Angeline quickly adds "Without the genius part."

You hastily follow Angeline afterwards, without any further thoughts.

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