Minggu, 05 September 2010

nggak's hidden temple, chapter 1

Year XXXX, quadruple X'es, better than Triple X'es

You're in the middle of a jungle inside nggakland, an island in nggaksea, which is considered to be a part of Asia. (nggakcontinent got nggak'ed during the last XXXX year)

You're hacking through the jungle, trying to find nggak's hidden temple, a mythological building that is so important, that its name is written in all lowercase. It is said that the one who finds this building, shall br granted with...wait, that's not said in the myth, they just said that the temple is important...or kinda important.

After Y amount of hours, where Y is stated as Y=((X%W)*T-Z/R+P)/0 <--OMG, you finally found nggak's hidden temple. A loud MANLY echoing voice is then heard "Welcome, mortal, Faire de cette fleur de tremblement de l'amour. Tant que vous êtes souriante à côté de moi, je n'ai besoin de rien d'autre. Votre stratégie est assez rusé. Mais ne me tourmente pas, juste moi chérissons." You yell to the voice: "What the hell are you talking?" The voice then said: "My apologies, I thought you're French, you look kinda French, errr...or at least you speak kinda French" You take the moment to think if you've said anything before yelling, then you conclude that the voice is just hallucinating. The voice then said: "Anyway, welcome, to nggak's hidden temple, beyond these doors lies a vast knowledge, filled with multiple-super-mega combination of nggak-ness. However, I require a password to open these doors" You let out a sigh, and said "hmmm...." The voice then suddenly said: "Very well mortal, your password is correct, you may enter" You wonder what is actually the password to the temple as the temple doors open. You finally thought to yourself "Now forget it' - 'Yo homes to--". You stopped thinking before you Bel Air'd yourself and step inside nggak's hidden temple. A somewhat cool shining flash of yellow bright light followed.

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