Minggu, 05 September 2010

nggak's hidden temple, chapter 2

While exploring the temple, you stumbled upon a small room. From outside, you conclude that the room is tight, but very tall. Sensing that you are the main character of this story and main characters do not die, you enter the room out of curiosity.

As you examine the room, you noticed that there is a large opening on the top of the room. From that opening, you can see a bright cave ceiling, indicating that there's a brightly shined cave up above this room.

Another thing you noticed in the room is the presence of a red button. There are words written on a large stone above the button that says "Do not push this button". As you are a courteous and polite person, you leave the button alone.

However, as you turn your back and make your way to the entrance, the entrance's door shut close, trapping you inside the room. The doors also have words written on it, and it says "Why don't you press the button? Coward."

Feeling challenged by the writing, you turn back and pushed the red button (after all, you don't really have much choices, as the walls are too high to be climbed). Then suddenly, the stone above the button falls, revealing the another writing-equipped stone behind it that says "WTF? Why don't you follow the rules?" For a moment you felt so in despair.

Afterward, you hear a sound of water running violently close by. Then, before you knew it, water fills the room, and reached the level of your torso. You took a deep breath and sink into the water as it rushes to the room.

Then suddenly, you heard a song. As you concentrate more to hear that song, you realized that it is "Kanashimi no Mukou E". Then, you quickly realized that you are the main character in this story. You feel so fucked up.

But fortunately, the paragraph above didn't happen. What is actually happening is the water filled the room quickly, and sending you slowly upwards to the opening above.

As you reached the opening, you jumped out of the water. However your attempt to dry yourself completely ends in a failure, as water then again fills the room, albeit this time, it's just at the level of your foot.

You begin to examine the new area you've just entered. The area, as you've suspected earlier, is a large bright cave. The light comes from numerous torches on the cave's walls, but mostly comes from torches that surround a large statue at the center of the cave. The statue looks like made of stone and shaped like a giant duck with a huge crown on top of his head. You approach the statue out of curiosity.

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