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nggak's hidden temple, chapter 5

author's warning!
this chapter is rated R-18, advance carefully

You step into the door, following Angeline from behind. The door leads to a long pathway, with a few torches around to light the way.

As you and Angeline walked the pathway, Angeline began to speak

"Hey, you."

"Yes?" you replied.

"Why did you come here?"

"You haven't heard the legend? Everyone wanted to come to this place you know, the legend has it that this temple will grant fortune and power to those who can find it here. It's like a--"

"Yes I know that part faggot, I'm not asking that. I'm asking for your reasons. You don't seem to look like a graverobber, heck, your face doesn't even look alike


For a moment you facepalm'ed to the situation.

"...and you also not a megalomaniac either, so you're definitely not for the power, so what brings you here?"

"I want to--"

"Wait wait wait! The legend doesn't say anything about power nor fortune, it simply says it's important, don't make things up you faggot!"

Angeline prompted to slap you in your face.

Congratulations, you have become a failed troll. You have gained a resurrection spell, but it's in another castle. And you can't find a teleport pipe around either. Perhaps it's a good time to wish it was the 8-bit era again.

"Uhh...well...I came here looking for answers and knowledge."

"And, once you've found it, what will you do with it?"

"I want to create a better future, a better tomorrow for generations to come. People will live in peace and happiness."

"Hmph, naive, but I suppose it would be nice to have dreams like that once in a while."

"And also, years to come, after their 12th birthday, girls won't ag--"

"Ok, we'll skip that part unless we want some more necessary violence."


You stayed in silence for a while for your own well-being. Then, you continue the conversation.

"Ah! Angeline, how about--"

"Ok, you're now going to ask why I came here and then I'll tell a story about why I came here and it would include something incredibly random and then you would be shocked to hear it and screamed like when a guy lost his d***."

"....eh?" You replied in awe.

"Sigh, guys these days are extremely easy to guess. Alright, listen up. A while ago I received a letter from my sister. It tells me a story like this:

February 13 at 12:08pm

Guy: "Brrr, it's cold, but I have to find her, I must..."... See More
just right before his consciousness fade, he saw a shadow of a girl holding an umbrella.
Guy: "Is that...really you..?"
His consciousness fades afterwards, and a scream of the Girl can be heard

A few hours later, the Guy woke up, and found himself inside a futon.
Guy: "Urgh, where am I?"
the Guy examines his surroundings, only to find to his shock that the girl he saw before is sitting right next to him
Guy: "Ah, it's you!"
Girl: "Sssh, don't use up too much energy, you've just awaken"
Guy:"But...it's really you, I've been looking all over for you, my love."
Guy: "I wanted to see you, wanted to tell you something, I love you."
The Girl's cheeks turned red when she heard those words and then she replied
Girl: "Ah....uh...but...why so sudden..."
Guy: "I don't have much time to tell you my feelings before, I have to leave at that time, but now, I don't want to leave you anymore, I wanted to make you smile..."
Girl: "ah..."
Guy: "Will you love me too?"
After the Guy said that, their faces are getting close to each other. Then, their lips kissed each other and interlocked each other...
Girl: "Ahn...uhm...yes...." The girl said while blushing bashfully
The Guy then starts to unbutton the Girl's shirt, button-by button. Halfway, the Girl said
Girl: "No....we're too young...."
Guy: "But we do love each other, don't we?"
Girl: "Ah..." They kissed each other then the Girl said "uhn...okay"
The Guy then continues undressing until he can see the Girl's breasts. He then began to slowly massaging them and tickled their nipples.
The Girl moans "Ah......Uh.....it...feels...good...."
The Girl then holds the Guy's hands and said "I wanted to make you feel good too..."
The Girl then began to move to the Guy's lower part of the body. She slowly take off his pants and underwear. Then She began to slowly sucking the Guy's penis.
Guy: "Aah...uhn......you're very talented at this...."
The Girl continuously sucks the Guy's penis. After a while, the Guy reached his climax and he yelled


You then screamed out of shock. It felt as if a part of you has fell off. Which part? "That one", definitely "That one".

"So that's why I came here, and that's why we should keep going forward."

As you're still in a state of shock, Angeline dragged you once more towards the end of the pathway...

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