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nggak's hidden temple, chapter 2.5

As you approach the statue, you noticed that the statue also had some writings below it. You read those writings:

September 10, 2008 at 06:16 pm

The Ugly Duckling

Once upon time, in a land far-far away, lived a duckling in a farm. He was ugly, and think he is still is ugly until now! But I won’t further myself ahead too much and let’s just enjoy the story. Now, this duckling was mocked and insulted by the majority of the animals in the farm. “Look it’s the ugly duckling walking, cover your heads, it’s going to rain!” one animal said. “Look it’s the ugly duckling! Quick hide in the bunker, a meteor is coming this way!” another animal said. But some also praise him, like this one animal that said, “Ugly Duckling, I kiss the ground on where you have walked! Hail Duckling!”

The Ugly Duckling was ugly, yes he was. He even met a mirror once and asked to it, “Mirror-mirror on the wall, tell me who is the ugliest of all.” The mirror replied, “Oh Ugly Duckling, yes you are Ugly. But there is someone who is uglier than you.” The duckling was happy for a while, until the mirror said, “That person is ME! Who have to reflect your ugliness in me! HEEEEEEEELP!!!!” Soon the mirror grabbed a mace and slammed it into himself, breaking him.

Shame-shame, how pitiful was the Ugly Duckling. One day, he met a flock of swans and decided to approach them. “Maybe I will turn into a beautiful swan someday, just like in the in the storybooks.” he said. As he approached the swans, he said, “Oh swans, may I join with your group?” The swan whom he talked to was busy gossiping with her neighbor so in the middle of the conversation, she said “Oh, what? Oh, you’re a duckling dear not a swan like in the books. Close but no cigar duck.” The duckling, disappointed, said with a low voice, “Does that means I’m Ugly?” “Ugly? No, you are not ugly, even if you are not a swan dear….” the swan said as she looked to the duckling closer. Suddenly, she screamed on the top of her voice, and quickly flew away, leaving the duckling alone.

Depressed, the duckling walked to the farmer’s house. He decided to fry himself with fire and put an end to everything that had happened. However, just as he entered the house, he found the farmer being scolded by a mean looking man. The duckling asked that man, “Mister, why do you scold Mr. Farmer?” Not even looking at the duckling, the man answered, “You see kid this guy haven’t paid the rent for this land this month, this guy is in serious trouble, kid” “But I have paid the rent fair and square today…” the farmer pleaded, when he was cut by the man saying, “ Silence you fool! The rent has been raised!” The duckling, felt that it was because of his ugliness, said to the man, “Is that because Mister Farmer kept an ugly duckling like me?” “Ugly? Hah! You’re not ugly kid, you’re just stuck in an ugly place that made you ugly…” the man said to the duckling as he turned and saw the duckling. When he saw the duckling, the man screamed to the top of his lungs, slammed his head to the desk near him, then slammed his head to the wall before he threw himself outside and ran away as quickly as possible.

Feeling even more depressed than before, the duckling went to the kitchen, where he was stopped and picked by the farmer. The farmer hugged the duckling and said “Thank you duckling~! Thank You! Thank You!” for about OVER 9000 times. The duckling felt confused, and asked the farmer why the farmer hugged him. He also questioned why the farmer wasn’t scared of his ugliness. The farmer explained to the duckling that he never thought that the duckling was ugly. “And besides, you have saved the farm! It doesn’t take a handsome duck to do big things right?” the farmer further explained. After that incident, the duckling was accepted in the farm Animals once more and he lived happily ever after.

you feel not-so-moved after reading this not-so-moving story, however you take notes from them for your research. After finishing the note, suddenly a huge splashing noise is heard from behind you. The noise then stopped close to you and said "Hi mister, tell me, am I ugly?" You turn yourself to the source of that voice and found a monstrosity roughly 5 times bigger than yourself:

*intensifying music plays*

*intensifying music stops*

: "I rarely have visitors after I was thrown here, so I don't really know how I look right now, can you help me mister?"

You stand still in fear. You try to analyze the situation and finally come up with 2 possible action to do:

- Run like being chased by an angry mob
- Try to communicate at the risk of being eaten

And your choice will be?

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